Dr. Gail is Appearing On Mission Makeover April 13, 2015!

Tune in or set those DVRs to Lifetime TV Monday April 13 at 7:30am! Watch Dr. Gail Pezzullo-Burgs and the ladies of Mission Makeover as they discover how a “Beauty Day” can not only [...]

Take Control of Stress at Our Empowering Educational Seminar September 16

Stress is all around us Everybody feels stress and knows it intimately, but very few of us think about what stress actually is.  Science has profound knowledge of stress and how it contributes to [...]

A Happy and Healthy Mom

In celebration of Moms, we will be releasing de-stress tips and techniques for moms and moms to be. These tips can be incorporated into every day activity and keep you on track for a healthier, [...]