Natural Organic Skincare

I want to talk to you a little today about keeping our stress in check, looking and feeling our best and self-love and self-care during trying times.  

If you are my patient, you know that I speak with everyone about how important it is to take a few minutes each day to care for ourselves.  

One of the ways I feel we can accomplish this is by using our skincare routine as a daily ritual and act of self-love- all while also creating beautiful skin and a radiant glow.  Consistent and nurturing rituals can increase dopamine and serotonin (our happy, feel-good hormones), and lower our stress hormones like cortisol.  

Nourishing ourselves should not just be a ‘routine’ for us. A ritual is a form of self-care; a time to slow down, focus on ourselves and our wellbeing and look after our entire selves: mind, body and soul. 

As we move into this Fall season, I encourage everyone to take good care of themselves, create a small, daily ritual AND look beautiful. I will be featuring one of my favorite lines, Jurlique, (more on it later), and a product of the month, in order of what a dedicated skincare program and ritual should be. 

By using organic, natural, non-toxic, chemical free products – we can treat our skin holistically and see amazing results in the process with the right skin care products

Not all skincare products are created equal. At Serenity Medical Aesthetics and The Women’s Wellness Center it has been our mission to seek out the best in organic products to provide to our patients. 

When I discovered Jurlique, I knew that we had found a product that could truly live up to the promise of organic, clean skincare and was a line that also nourished our souls. 

Using Natural Science 

It’s time to plant the flag for sustainable beauty. The most important characteristic of manufacturing is to find reliable, single source organic farms. At Jurlique, they grow most of their botanicals on a biodynamic farm in South Australia. 

What is Biodynamic Farming? 

Biodynamics is an all-encompassing approach to farming and uses the sun, moon, stars and planets of Earth to bring about balance and healing, treating the farm as a living organism – one that’s self-contained and self-sustainable.

Biodynamic farming practices help to grow the purest, best quality herbs which are hand harvested at a time when they’re full of life and vitality. These herbs are then utilised to make extracts that form the basis of Jurlique products, meaning you get the best from each ingredient we use.

Jurlique guarantees the potency and purity of their skin care by controlling every step of the process—from growing and extracting ingredients to formulating products.

This month, take 20% off of a cleanser of your choice by entering code: CLEANSE at checkout.

Along with our Product of the Month, I will also encourage you to learn a little more about some of our non-invasive, skincare rejuvenation services here.  Myself, or our Aesthetician, Dr. Reyna Howell are here to answer any questions.

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