Optimal health relies on achieving complete nutritional balance.  Nutrient deficiencies can exacerbate, or even cause, illness.  Using an individualized approach, our nutrition services work to help bring the body’s chemistry into better balance, leading to improved health and well-being.

Although the Women’s Wellness Center ObGyns primarily treats women, our nutrition dietitian counseling and medical nutritional therapy services can benefit the whole family.  We provide patients with the necessary resources and support to achieve better health through the development of sustainable lifestyle and dietary habits.  Starting with a comprehensive assessment, which considers your individual needs and health goals, we then help you implement a nutritional plan using evidence-based practice guidelines, monitoring your progress along the way.  Some of the nutritional treatments we provide are listed below:

  • Women’s Health:
    • Nutritional imbalances
    • Nutrition and pregnancy
    • Food and Fertility
    • PMS
    • Menopause
    • Hormonal imbalances
  • Weight Loss and Weight Management
  • Immune Support: food allergies/sensitivities
  • Oncology/Cancer Therapy
  • Diabetes: Type 1, Type 2, Gestational
  • General wellness
  • Cardiovascular Diseases
  • ADHD and Spectrum Disorders
  • Family Nutrition

Additional health concerns that we can address with dietary and lifestyle recommendations include, but are not limited to:

  • Abnormal cholesterol tests
  • Cardiovascular (heart) Disease
  • Diabetes or Gestational Diabetes
  • PCOS
  • Candida / Yeast Overgrowth
  • Fatigue
  • Cancer Prevention
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Inflammatory Disorders
  • Metabolic Syndrome/Insulin Resistance
  • Osteoporosis/Osteopenia
  • Overweight/Obesity (chronic dieting)
  • Stress-Related Disorders
  • Sugar Cravings
  • Supplementation*

*Supplementation- Determining which supplements you may need can be confusing without the guidance of a professional nutritionist.  Our nutritionist will assess and help you choose the correct supplements for you to both optimize your health and/or correct nutritional deficiencies.  We carry a wide line of superb quality, medical grade supplements.  We will guide you to making appropriate supplement choices based on your individual needs.

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