Together, spider veins and varicose veins affect approximately 80 million people in the US annually and take away from the youthful appearance of your legs.  Spider veins are most commonly located on the legs and face, while varicose veins tend to appear on the backside of the calf or inside of the legs.  Although physicians don’t fully understand the cause, they attribute factors such as genetics, weight gain, hormonal fluctuations associated with pregnancy, birth control pills, and hormone replacement therapy, and sitting or standing for extended periods of time.  Sclerotherapy is a simple, non-surgical procedure done in the office that eliminates spider veins or dilated capillaries that lie close to the surface.  This procedure takes less than an hour and has a limited recovery period. Dr. Pezzullo-Burgs uses ASCLERA, an FDA-approved prescription medicine.

Although Dr. Pezzullo-Burgs does not treat varicose veins she can counsel you to refer to a practitioner that specializes in that treatment.

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