Take Control of Stress at Our Empowering Educational Seminar September 16

Stress is all around us

Everybody feels stress and knows it intimately, but very few of us think about what stress actually is.  Science has profound knowledge of stress and how it contributes to illness, and even how it can cause medical problems.  Yet despite the discussions in our country and around the world about preventative health, little attention has been paid by the conventional medical community to this extremely important
factor in the prevention of disease.

Join us to find out how you can take control of your health and well-being in this informative presentation.  Learn how stress may be destroying your health, and come away with tips you can implement today to start feeling more relaxed and in control tomorrow!

Tuesday September 16 at 5:30 PM
Light Bite and Drinks • Reserve Your Space Early
RSVP to (561) 826-3800

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